Announcement of Vacant Positions in the Student Council (Sport & HoPo)

There are still vacancies on the Student Council! Apply by April 03, 2024!

There are still vacancies on the Student Council!

In the period until April 03, 2024, the vacant positions of the student council of the BTU Cottbus - Senftenberg for the 2023 legislature will be advertised. The activity in a StuRa-Refrat is honorary, but a monthly expense allowance is granted. The Student Council is the highest executive body of student self-government. In addition to department-specific activities, it meets weekly to discuss and decide on general matters.

Vacant positions in two departments are currently being advertised:

  • University Policies (1 position)
  • Sports and Health (1 position)

Applications can be submitted digitally by email to or in person at the Studen t Council office until April 3, 2024, 3 p.m. Please use this form for th e di gital application. To verify your student status, we also ask you to provide a current certificate of enrollment, your matriculation number or your BTU e-mail. You can find further information on the application in the PDF for the call for applications .

Elections are held at a meeting of the student parliament. You will be given the opportunity to introduce yourself to the members of parliament and explain your motivation for applying. Attendance at this meeting is not compulsory, but highly recommended. We will send you more specific information about the election date at the end of the call for applications. However, we reserve the right to extend the call for applications again if the number of applications is too low.