Germany Semester Ticket

The area of validity of the Deutschlandticket and at a lower price thanks to the solidarity model.


From April 1st, 2024, the Germany Semester Ticket will be available at the BTU for eligible students. Here is an overview of the most important information.

Period of validity Each entire semester:
WiSe (01.10. - 31.03.)
SuSe (01.04 - 30.09.)
Issuance Digitally via the browser (web ticket). The ticket can then be stored in Google or Apple Wallet. The complete process is shown below
Legitimation Digital Ticket + offical photo identification from the country.
Scope / Area Same scope as the Germany ticket: valid throughout Germany on local transport
Transferability Personal ticket, non-transferable
Carrying regulations -Children under 6 years old, strollers, hand pastries
- No bringing other people with you
- No dogs can be taken along nationwide; in the VBB tariff area, 1 dog can be taken along. (Rules may vary in different associations)
- No free transport of bicycles nationwide
Price 60% of the fare of the regular Germany ticket, which is currently €29.40 per month. (collected via the semester fee and for the entire semester)

Ticket & Exemptionrequest

You can now pick up your semester ticket digitally.
Simply go to

For students who are entitled to a semester ticket and who have the reasons for being exempted in accordance with the semester ticket regulation, they can now do so:

Students who are not eligible will receive the money as credit in their myBTU portal, through which it will then be transferred back to your account.

Issuance process

Terms used and answers to various questions can be found below the illustration.


The BTU ID is not the matricel number, but a BTU-specific identifier that every person at the BTU has and is only assigned once.

To find out your own BTU-ID you can go to

The DST-Permission is the authorization for the DeutschlandSemesterTicket, which at the same time is ONLY available to students who are required to receive it.

Excerpt from the semester ticket regulations:

§ 3 Obligation to purchase and permission

  1. Enrolled students at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg are obliged to purchase the Deutschlandsemester ticket, unless the following exceptions in paragraph 2 apply. Further individual reasons for exemption are regulated by Section 4.
  2. The following groups of people are not entitled to obtain a Germany semester ticket through this contract:

a) Guest students and secondary students within the meaning of the relevant Higher Education Act

b) Students who are exclusively enrolled in an evening, online or distance learning programme without compulsory attendance ("distance learning students")

c) Students who are enrolled in a part-time degree programme in accordance with the examination and study regulations

d) students who can prove that they are taking a semester off or a semester abroad

e) Students who are not members of the student body

f) Students who are enrolled in a non-modularised study programme or in a study programme with a scope of less than 15 credit points per semester in accordance with the examination and study regulations

g) Students who are enrolled in supplementary, additional or postgraduate degree programmes or are taking part in continuing education programmes as well as doctoral students.


Please send all inquiries about the semester ticket to the following e-mail address: