StuRa & Departments

Executive and administrative body of the student body


The StuRa is the executive body of the student self-government and represents the student body of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg internally and externally (according to §16, para. 1 Statute of the Student Body) . The StuRa consists of different departments, which are elected by the Student Parliament (StuPa) and staffed with students. They deal with the different interests and problems of the student self-government and develop solutions. In addition, the StuRa advocates the political goals of the student body decided by the StuPa and implements them.

Many different projects have already been realized, which make the life of the students at the university easier and enrich it. So parents get financial support when they have a child, the semester ticket is negotiated and managed by the StuRa, in case of legal problems the StuRa offers a free initial consultation and if a community of students or clubs wants to start an independent project, a financial support can be applied for at the StuRa. Not to forget are the summer festival and the campus festival, which are organized by the cultural department and carried out by the whole StuRa.