StuPa & Presidium

Highest decision-making body of the student body


The Student Parliament (StuPa) is the legislative body of the student body and at the same time its highest, decision-making body. It determines the political strategy and the guidelines of the current politics, especially the educational and university politics (according to §8 para. 1 and 2 of the Statute of the Student Body) . It determines the structure of the Student Council (StuRa), the executive and administrative body of the student self-administration, and elects its representatives. In addition, it decides on applications, the budget and the statutes of the student body.

The StuPa elects a presidium from its own ranks, which takes over the session leadership and represents the parliament to the outside world (according to §12 para. 1 of the Statute of the Student Body) .


The Student Parliament has a size of around 30 parliamentarians. The members of parliament are elected for one year according to the principles of personalized proportional representation. The seats are distributed according to the highest number method after Saint Laguë/Schepers. In the current legislature 2023, the Student Parliament consists of 31 elected members.


The Presidium elected by the Student Parliament represents the parliament to the outside world. It preserves the dignity and rights of the Student Parliament, promotes its work, leads the sessions of the parliament fairly and impartially and preserves the order of the house. The Presidium decides in urgent matters in which a decision from the Student Parliament cannot be obtained in time; this does not apply to elections, readings of budgets and orders or order amendments. The Presidium decides on the expenses of the representatives of the Student Council after hearing the corresponding commission. The Presidium conducts protocols on its own and the sessions of the parliament.


The student parliament meets approximately every two weeks, depending on the topics at hand. The meetings of the parliament are open to the public and are therefore open to all interested parties! As a rule, they generally take place on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Senate Hall of the main building, Room 4.40. Corresponding invitations are published in the meeting overview on Thursday of the previous week at the latest.

However, if you have any questions or concerns, it is also always possible to contact the Presidium of the Student Parliament at .