ATTENTION: Spam via social media, etc.

Increased spam messages from alleged Meta/Facebook ask for data transfer and could lead to account hacks. Report such messages and stay vigilant.

Dear students!

Recently, there has been an increase in spam messages sent via social media (especially Instagram). These are aimed at student pages such as those of Stura and Otiwo, but also at their followers, i.e. you students. The sender pretends to be Meta/Facebook and asks you to fill out a questionnaire with your data because you supposedly violated some regulations. After that, your account will probably be hacked and you will be asked to pay money via WhatsApp. Please do not respond to something like this and it is best to report the message to Instagram. Also, the Stura’s Instagram account has been hacked and we no longer have access to it. So we are not responsible for all activities.

All the best and warm regards,
Your StuRa