Official result of the election of the Student Parliament 2023-2024

Find out who is in the Student Parliament and makes decisions for the student body.

Dear students and candidates,

The results of the election are in. The parliament of the legislative period 2023-2024 has 31 seats. Due to equal majorities of votes of two candidates for the 30th seat, the parliament was enlarged by one seat according to § 22 paragraph 1 of the electoral regulations, version July 13, 2021.

The fixed seat allocation procedure according to Sainte-Laguë/Schepers pursuant to § 12 of the Election Regulations was applied. Some seats could not be filled using this procedure. Therefore, the final order of seats pursuant to Section 22 (2) was allocated according to the number of votes cast for the candidates.

In addition to the individual votes for the individual candidates, the votes allocated to the individual lists were divided equally among the candidates of the respective list and added.

The names of the elected members in chronological order started with the most votes is located later in this document.

Official result of the election in PDF format: Download official result

Number of eligible voters: 6124

Number of votes cast: 612

Invalid votes: 2

Voter turnout: 9,99

Place/date/time of determination: Cottbus, 02.06.2023, 17:42 hrs.

Allocation of seats (in descending order according to the highest number of votes)

  1. Emanuel Breitfeld
  2. Abdul Rehman Shah
  3. Siri Bewersdorff
  4. Don Glückstein
  5. Anton Schiefelbein
  6. Jonathan Okocha
  7. Carlotta Lüdecke
  8. Hans Kiesler
  9. Stefan Binder
  10. Wienke Weng
  11. Fabian Mildner
  12. Chukwuemaka Okolo
  13. Nasif Ahamad
  14. Michael Lück
  15. Benjamin Hoppe
  16. Isabelle Zenker
  17. Oliver Pflug
  18. Ammar Al Seragi
  19. Tristan Schwarz
  20. Maximilian Gorn
  21. Alexander Howel 
  22. Richard Franke
  23. Erik Jankowski
  24. Max Beier
  25. Xavier Bischoff
  26. Daniel Baumert
  27. Jan Müller
  28. Fabian Lüdicke
  29. Julius Schulz
  30. Maryam Jabboory
  31. Mateo Jaramillo Franco