Semester Ticket Comparison

Abonnements comparsion: semesterticket, Germanyticket and normal rate ticket

SemTix Deutschlandticket VBB-Ticket
Price 216,27€ per semester,
36€ per month
294€ per semester,
49€ per month
2072€/2556€ per year,
172,5€/213€ per month
Abonnement Semester Monthly Yearly / Monthly
Price Reduction Principle of Solidatiaty from all BTU Students State Subsidies
Validity (Public Regional Transport) VBB-Network + RE 15/18 to Dresden Germany VBB-Network

Legal Notice:

A mandatory contribution to a regional semester ticket, which does not differ significantly from the ticket price for the nationwide Deutschlandticket, would no longer be acceptable according to the case law of the Federal Constitutional Court.

(Deutsches Studierendenwerk, 08.12.2022)

The interference with the general freedom of action of the individual through the establishment of a compulsory association must be necessary to achieve the goal sought by the legislature, so the goal may not be achieved in another way, less burdensome to the individual.

(BVerfGE 38, 281, 302)