Student Mobility

Student mobility is an important part of studying. Therefore we want to inform you about your possibilities and offers.

UPDATE : All current Informationen are available at

Please contact semesterticket@stura-cottbus regarding all requests about the semesterticket.

Student mobility is an important part of studying. It enables students to educate and engage themselves in different places. It is also a central aspect of student self-administration, co-determination, culture and identity, and solidarity among students.

Due to the introduction of the Deutschlandticket, we as student representatives felt compelled not to renew the semester ticket contract with the VBB. The price difference to the Deutschlandticket was too small (the Semesterticket cost 36 € per month obligatory, the Deutschlandticket costs 49 € per month voluntary), and the validity range could not come close to the one of the Deutschlandticket to justify the solidarity model. A continuation of the semester ticket may have made us personally liable as student representatives, which was unacceptable for us.

Therefore, we would like to inform you about the current situation and show you possibilities how you can continue to mobilize.

Germany ticket (Deutschlandticket)

The Deutschlandticket allows you mobility throughout Germany for 49 € per month.

Germany ticket Job (Deutschlandticket Job)

Some employers offer the Deutschlandticket at a reduced price of about 32 € per month or even for free. It's best to ask your employer about this.

For employees of the BTU (including student assistants), the Deutschlandticket Job is also available at a price of €32 per month. All you need is your personnel number and the BTU's company code to apply for it.

You can find more information about the Jobticket on the BTU intranet

Monthly ticket Cottbus AB

Do you want to travel by public transport in Cottbus on a monthly basis? Then take advantage of the trainee ticket for €33 a month compared to the €49 ticket. This can be a cheap alternative to the Deutschlandticket for cycling students, for example, if you want to travel around the city in winter.

On the linked pages you will find the network maps and the "cheap" monthly tickets for Cottbus and the surrounding area, so you can see if this is worthwhile for you.

33 € monthly ticket for trainees / students

Cottbus network map

Demand for a nationwide semester ticket

As student representatives of the BTU, we actively participate in the state conferences of the Brandenburg student bodies. There, we also advocated the introduction of a nationwide semester ticket to enable students to travel throughout Germany.

The  Brandenburg Student Council (BRANDSTUVE) , together with other state student councils, drafted a letter of demand advocating for the preservation of the Deutschlandticket as well as the introduction of a nationwide semester ticket. This letter was sent to various political actors nationwide:

Student demands to the MPK: Solidarity models in danger! Social and legally secure student mobility - now!