WE WANT YOU - For The StuRa!

New advertisement of the Student Council 2023

Der Studierendenrat hat noch freie Stellen!

After almost two years, the time has finally come again: the student council of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is currently being advertised completely, i.e. in all of the 9 departments. Consisting of up to 18 members, the Student Council is the highest executive body of the student body. While the individual departments deal with a wide variety of topics – from university policy to finances to the environment and mobility – the Student Council as a whole meets weekly to discuss important issues and make resolutions on project applications to support the student body. Those who participate in the Student Council do a highly important job in the interest of the student body, with a lot of scope and potential for their own ideas and projects. Although the work is completely voluntary, it is also rewarded with a monthly expense allowance of 110-140€ plus meeting fees.

You want to know more about the individual departments? Then take a look at the announcement with the complete StuRa department profiles, including tasks and possible projects!

How does the election work?

The Student Council of BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg is elected by the Student Parliament (which in turn is usually elected annually by the entire student body). The election takes place at a regular meeting of the Student Parliament. Elections are held for each department individually, i.e. one department at a time. Before the election of each department, the respective candidates are given the chance to introduce themselves personally to the Student Parliament and to present their motivations and abilities. Afterwards, the members of the parliament are happy to take the opportunity to ask the candidates further questions. Participation in and personal presentation at the student parliament meeting is not obligatory – it is also possible to present the motivation for the application in other ways – however, it always leaves a good impression. After the round of introductions, the members of the unit are elected by the parliament through a secret ballot and then announced to the university public.

Due to the size of this call and the sometimes quite time-consuming election process, it can be assumed that the election of the Student Council 2023 will be divided among several parliamentary sessions. Candidates do not have to be present for the entire election process, but it is recommended to be present for the introduction round of the respective unit. The exact dates for this election and for which units will be announced in due time. In any case, the election is expected to take place around mid to late November.

How to apply?

There are multiple ways to apply for the election of the Student Council. On the one hand, it is possible to visit the office of the Student Council during business hours and sign the election register. Depending on who is there at the time, you may also have the opportunity to ask a few questions about the unit you are interested in.

On the other hand, a digital entry in the electoral roll is also possible. Simply use the template electoral roll and enter your data in the first line. Please remember to sign the last field by hand. Simply entering your name in this field using a text editor is not sufficient. Please send the completed and signed document preferably to praesidium@stupa-cottbus.de or alternatively to office@stura-cottbus.de within the application deadline.

Please note that you can only apply for one of the departments. If you are interested in more than one department, you will have to choose one. However, you are welcome to contact us or the Student Council to learn more about the units and to find out which one suits you best.

In order to be able to check your student status, we would also like to ask you to provide a current certificate of study, your matriculation number or your BTU e-mail.

Applications are still possible until November 8th, 2023 at 15:00 pm. In the event of a sparse application situation, however, we reserve the right to extend the call for applications.